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by Boston Manor

Here we are again
A thick brown belt's on my arm again
A table spoon of tar again
I've let go and it never felt so good
I've sold out my friends
And ruined my life over again
My energy and my money's spent

I can see your halo fall, halo fall
I can see your halo fall
'Cause I had it, then I lost it all

Cold sweats in the morning
Real life's become boring
I've tripped and I'm falling
But I'll stop tomorrow
Can you catch the feeling?
A small wet cloth to stem the bleeding
The scars on my arms are barely healing

I can see your halo fall, halo fall
I can see your halo fall
'Cause I had it, then I lost it all

(Just a quick fix then I'll get clean)
(Just a quick fix then I'll get clean)

I can see your halo fall, halo fall
I can see your halo fall
'Cause I had it, then I lost it all

I can see your halo fall, halo fall
I can see your halo fall
'Cause I had it, then I lost it all

Written by: Henry Cox, Mike Cunniff, Ash Wilson, Dan Cunniff, Jordan Pugh

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Kalijah Johnson

"just a quick fix then I'll get clean" damn

JD Gaming

Renée Demaré this songs hits hard home bro it’s normal to feel the cravings you need to totally isolate yourself from the outside world just now and only surround yourself with people you trust and family I’m here if you need someone to talk to mate

Renée Demaré

I'm three days clean from Heroin now, but this song's gotta craving me for a fix 🙄 but it's my favorite song of the band 🥺

JD Gaming

Kalijah Johnson when they dropped this I had a huge coke problem and it genuinely was one of the things that woke me up and today I’m currently 3 months clean and counting really strong song

Joshua Van hee

This song fucks me up. It’s life 100% the belt, the spoon, the cold sweats, scars are barely healing, I’ll stop tomorrow. The worst is I had it the I lost it all.... and the thought in my head for the last year after being sober for Almost 18 months is “just a quick fix then I’ll get clean” fuckkkkk shit gets dark so fast out here.

joseph florence

Then the monsters are talking to you from there on out.

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Cody Garcia

To those suffering from addiction..

You can do it. I am 45 days sober.
You got this 💗

Bury this demon!

Cody Garcia

@Joshua Van hee I am using again sadly. Reply to this message my friend and I will somehow get your info and we can talk.

DarkSpartan FTW

Joshua Van hee Hello Joshua. It’s been 4 months since your reply and I hope you’re still sober. I don’t know who you are at all, and you may not ever read this comment. But I just hope that you still have willpower. No matter what we do, we will always have the power of choice. And realize that there is always a reason to be better. Although I don’t know much, I want you to think about your family, and your friends. I’m sure they would want you to be your best self. And it’s hard. It’s so difficult to get rid of habits, but you have to.

And think about what would happen? Go back to old habits and lose everything? What if you died? That would mean all your hard work, all your life choices, all your ups and downs, and all your achievements would become meaningless. Again, I don’t know you Joshua, but I know for a fact that there is someone that wants you to keep going. To keep trying. To keep living. I sure do, and I’ve never met you.

So please, Joshua, keep on going. If this random stranger can say anything to you, I just hope that you’re okay. So goodbye Joshua, and I truly hope that there’s some chance that you will reply to me.

JD Gaming

Yo I hope you’re hanging in there every day is anew day if a relapse happens remember shit you can still do this I’m currently at my longest on 3 months right now by 90 days so I’m still counting here if you need to talk about it also addicts always have other addicts back we are family ❤️👌

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