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Just a Little More Time
The Hash Lyrics

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MONOEYES On a laptop screen I see Pictures of my long time…

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Comments from YouTube:

Full Monty

Nice demonstration. You showed that making good hash isnt alchemy and you only get out what you put in.

Livin 2 Race

Finally its simple !! Good diy

TotoGrow Uk

Exactly that 👊🌱

fanta with no hice

i watched this super stoned the other night and found it rly satisfying, keep up the good content bro

TotoGrow Uk

Ha ha awesome. Thanks 🙏

Matty C

This is the only way I make hash. 100% clean. No butane, or harsh chemical. Only difference I find a pollen press with keif in oven at about 200° for maybe 5 minutes and press! You get unbelievable blond hash like no one has ever seen in a hockey puck form! Keep up the good work! No one needs harsh chemicals to process medicine.


Can I briefly explain what do to I’m going to try it

Robert Airhart

try using a clothing iron to press with.

TotoGrow Uk

Yes definitely. Sounds good ✌🏻🌱

Respect Wat3r

"Went Off Into A Stoney Stare" lol

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