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Black Hole in My Mind
The Lillingtons Lyrics

They used to call me Captain Scott
I used to be an astronaut
Put me on a rocket into space
And now I'm lost without a trace

And now I'm really out of sight
And now nothings gonna be alright yeah
My life has been a waste of time
I've got a black hole in my mind [4x]


In my mind

My life has waste of time
I've got a black hole in mind [4x]

Mind, I've got a black hole in my mind [4x]

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Comments from YouTube:

Alec Doyle

I connect with this song so much. I swear they need to play this if I get a memorial.


If you like these guys and are unaware, check out Teenage Bottlerocket. Kody (lead singer of Lillingtons) joined up with them and it's pretty epic. Wyoming punk rock!


@Deuce fair point!


@SilkyPaws Yeah, all kinds of people like all kinds of stuff


@Deuce i diddnt know furries would like this type of stuff :0


@Deuce hehe


@SilkyPaws Thank you! Kinda funny that a comment I left 3 years ago is getting this kinda interaction, but still

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Jacob Johnson

I’m simply here because some dude at Lowe’s rolled up in a hippie van blasting this song. So catchy.

Rory Dean

Thank god for Kody...lillingtons and Bottle rocket are both fucking incredible bands !! <3 much love from South Africa


I've got a major test tomorrow, and I've got a black hole in my mind

i fuking love the lillingtons, accidentally discovered them but fuck i'm glad i did

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