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Lunar Sight
Ticofaces Lyrics

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Marcus Jones

As winter comes welcome it
Welcome all its cool renditions
The fabric of the night air
The stillness of a beating heart
Caressed by white snowfall
As winter comes welcome it
Share its truest essence
And appreciate the cold rendition for what it is
For it is a muse that can capture the soul


"A shooting star was reflected in her midnight black eyes." I whispered, closing my eyelids. The thin waves gently propelled me forward. Their back and forth made a soft drumming, recurring sound soothing me. The leaves above me rustled as a breeze rushed through me, making me open my eyes, chills running down my arms.

I looked up at the stars and smiled, I had borrowed a piece of the moon from them, the same moon that I was resting on right now. The same Moon that I knew the sky, the stars and the galaxy held so dear to. But they were kind enough to give me a part of it. Its light refracted on the smooth water, going deeper into the river, letting me see the tiny fishes that swam around, and the little plants rooted on the surface.

The leaves started swaying, one by one, as if bowing to me as I passed each. This is so cool! I thought, but did not show it in my expression, because that would not be cool.
My Moon kept on drifting until we reached a waterfall, the water here was a lot more violent and swift. But I just closed my eyes and stood up, grinning, ready for the great-

"Have you gone mad!"
I snapped them open.
"I have asked you THREE times to give me 1 kilo rice and you little...!"

Oh right I thought, I will never cross this river.
I got up and bowed my head, "Sorry ma'am, this your rice, and uhhhh.... this the exchange."
"Where is your father?" She asked loudly enough that the nearby people could hear.

"He...not at home."
"And mother?"
She snorted and went back, muttering in English too fast for me to understand. I sat back down and turned my head, looking behind me.
Looking at the place that I can never escape from.
Never get enough money to see myself out of this hell.
Out of the endless desert.

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This project means a lot to me 😌
Much love to everyone listening and let the isle bring warmth to these cold times 💜

Rhett Stubb

I’m definitely writing lyrics to this

Lucid Skies

amazing work!

Mystic Alankar

Your album is awesome!

Kazu. ♪

1st track on ur album is chill!

Lofi Records

ticofaces has sailed a long way to bring you his latest EP “Lunar Isle”. Calming sounds of water, tranquilising piano and guitar melodies, and wide ambient pads transfer your mind in another world. Get ready to go ashore as we arrive at the Lunar Isle, but watch your steps - this terrain is mostly uncharted 🌙

Alann 🍵

@🥳Jesus Christ Loves Me💞 Walmart backwards is Tramlaw

James Knowles

Looong night of studying ahead, this is rlly gonna help me out

Tx falcao


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Loafy Building

Tico bringing the VIBES, so happy to feature on this project <3

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