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Wizard Fight
Weedeater Lyrics

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Leon Lopez

Hey, guys. I know his vocals aren't clear, but after repeated listenings and consultations with linguists, I have finally found out the lyrics to this song:


Thank you. I worked hard.

albert fish

Dumbledor and Gandalf rolling around wrestling in the mud would be the ideal music video for this


You seem like a real jerk. I do like your music video idea though.

Patrick Bones

Gandalf and Saruman already fought homie.


Weird kink, but okay

Little Big Lung

Wizards will be our only defense when the lizard people from space try to take over. Hail Satan.

Dawn patrol


Z Apache

nope,long live to satan carnal

Beat Grinder

I fucked satan and got a flaming case of gonorrhea...

Sherlocking kite

And the warlocks and demon hunters

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