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The End
crystalline mind Lyrics

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for ur reference, the puzzle that appear here are based on Morse Code, the FIrst Puzzle on the Video are the Morse for W and U, the Second one is the morse code for A, R and G. the third one is the morse code for G and R, the rotation for the short one is rotating the wheel mechanism to the right and the long to the left. its basically like this=

First Puzzle:
-Right Left Left
-Right Right Left

Second Puzzle (From the camp Wheel):
-Right Left
-Right Left Right
-Left Left Right

Third Puzzle (From the wood wheel)
-Left Left Right
-Right Left RIght

Tim Baracz

@JoΓ£o Peixoto The puzzle isn't to figure out what actions to take. It's figure out the directions that the games want you to take.

This is commonly used across games like uncharted. And Breath of the Wild.

Now this is an easy version of this. But the complaint isn't about it being easy. It's about it being too hard or the game not having directions.
Which is false.

"They could have made this a fun puzzle where you actually discover, but nah."
My guy, people are complaining about a puzzle that literally tells you what you need to do. You even admit this yourself.
Do you really think it would be better if you then have to discover the items on top of that.

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This entire event is ruined by absolute awful puzzles. Jesus Christ how did they mess this up so badly.

Marc Ian Manalansan

Yeah! absolutely agree with that. It's so much time to consume.

Tigger Axton [Uki’s crystals]

Personally i enjoy the puzzles, except this one

Just please Shut up, thanks.

1000% agree

Bos Meong

if they gave us 10pulls for it i forgive them but all for shit rewards? oh please i just want to hear their stories, not dumbshit torture puzzle


Foget puzzle , i cannot skip a fkin chat. I just slept while pressing X , thats killing me

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I thought golden Apple archipelago would be fun and relaxing like last time. Instead we are getting annoying puzzles.


@the giraffe its only worth it to do because it has primogems, take away the primo and no one will bother to do this stupid puzzles LMAO



chongus !

@Satchal yes but the point of it was to be a relaxing vacation. laziness aside, it completely defies the point of the event in the first place.

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