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Rodrigo y Gabriela Lyrics

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Daniel King

Hey.... Sorry to bother you..!

But just thought I should let you know, there must be a mistake on your FB profile.!!

Because it says that you're 'single'...?

And there's no way a lady of your heart fluttering beauty, and seemingly gorgeous personality.

Could possibly be single.?
No way.!

So just thought I'd let you know.... you may need to change that if you weren't aware of it..!



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Mr. Sir

This song was so perfect for a pilot of a show, it just feels like an epic adventure is about to begin.


@Jaiden Len the one in the season 4 finale its called "freestyle" by taalbi brothers


@Jaiden Len i just saw the scene and even tho it is the same genre of music it is not the same song, but they are very alike!

Jaiden Len

@CactusDeMarWRONG it does in s4 finale

Jaiden Len

@Mr. Sir yes it DOES in season 4 finale where they burn the lab down

techno piggy


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Ismi yuLov

I can't imagine the amount of hours these guys have dedicated to the guitar! AMAZING


it's a guy and a gal


You kinda give your life for that! :)

Ahmad Aljneibi

You know the business and I know the chemistry

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