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Keep Me There
Nicolas Jaar Lyrics

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We're in a really bad bed, right?

Overall Meaning

It's just another deceptively simple line from Nicolas Jaar's song "Keep Me There." This line creates a sense of intimacy, but it is not what you expect. It's not a comfortable soft bed, but rather a bad bed. It's also not entirely clear what the relationship of the singer is to the person they are talking to. Are they lovers, strangers, or just friends? The line raises more questions than it answers, but that is often the beauty of Nicolas Jaar's music.

Throughout the song, Jaar uses minimalist electronic beats and haunting vocals to create a feeling of vulnerability and longing. The lyrics are sparse, but each word carries weight. The repetition of the phrase "keep me there" emphasizes the singer's desire for connection, while the use of the word "bad" adds an element of discomfort and imperfection to the relationship being described. Overall, the song feels like a plea to hold onto something fleeting and precious, even if it is not entirely satisfying or perfect.

Line by Line Meaning

We're in a really bad bed, right?
Our relationship is in a terrible state and we both feel stuck in this situation.

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Comments from YouTube:


this song is both a timeless work of art and an innovative template for much of the best electronic music that has come since






Una verdadera obra de arte
Nico Jaar, un gran artista


4:35 best part


simply sublime


omg bruh we have matching profile pictures ^^


no man really.


King musicccccc 😍😍😍


This shit bussin, no cap

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