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Your Arms Around Me
Jens Lekman Lyrics

I was slicing up an avocado
When you came up behind me
With your silent brand-new sneakers
Your reflection I did not see
It was the hottest day in August
And we were heading for the sea
For a second my mind started drifting

You put your arms around me
You put your arms around me
You put your arms around

Blood spraying on the kitchen sink
"What's this?" I have time to think
I see the tip of my index finger
My mind is slowly creating a link
From your mouth speaks your lovely voice
The softest words ever spoken
"What's broken can always be fixed
What's fixed will always be broken"

You put your arms around me
You put your arms around me
You put your arms around me
You put your arms around

I must have passed out on the porch
Dreamt I was carried in a kangaroo's pouch
When I wake up, I'm in the waiting room
On a dirty hospital couch
My hand is wrapped in toilet paper
And my body's wrapped in debris
You're sitting next to me reading a paper
I put your arm around me

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: JENS LEKMAN

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Comments from YouTube:


This song will be played at my wedding


@Amane Suzuha i hope you find them too! it's such a beautiful song.

Amane Suzuha

Ps here it is in case you haven’t heard it. It’s adorable af🥺😻🥰🥰💖💖💖

Amane Suzuha

I have always always wanted “Sweet Summer’s Night…” - the live version ofc as it’s more lively- played at my wedding. Hope one day I find that amazing girl out there🥰🥰


This song WAS played at my wedding! I’m totally serious. It was awesome. No one was familiar with the song and every once in a while I’d see someone do a double take when they caught a snippet of the lyrics and were … confused.


Yes!!! So cute!

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Hansaka Seneviratne

Jens has re-released this on Spotify, but it sounds different??

Nofx Punk

@Cristian FabiánWell said buddy 😎

Cristian Fabián

Yes! the percussion on this song is very weak on spotify's version, i hate it, nothing like the original version, this version is the best.

Emiliano Villalobos

Just like the one above said, it has a lot of sampling and some can be track down by copyright (temporary use of the sample)
So Jens figure out to make the album again, this time with different instrumentation and without the samples (some are still there)

That's why it sounds different

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