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Koka-Kola Veins
The Tough Alliance Lyrics

Hey you know comfort kills the spirit
And life will choke you slowly if you fear it

And we don't care
We never feel as good as when we make believe
And we don't dare
We tell ourselves there's nothing to achieve
Just wanna have some fun before we leave

We got koka-kola veins - we don't know our names
Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
We got koka-kola veins - we don't use our brains
Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla(2)
We got koka-kola pumpin' through our veins

We never messed around with discipline
We got our own jihad if you know what I mean

Hey you know baby we smile to keep from cryin'
You know it's way too late to start tryin'

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Koka Kola Veins, I'm insane, trip through memory lane

Sabri Grlak

Yung lean brought me gere

yung drakespeare




Lumen Cosmo

he mentioned this song on kyoto "koka kola veins i'm insane"

Marcus Åkerman

Augustinus Commentariolus These guys are from Gothenburg but Eric was often (if not living? I dunno) in Stockholm and even though the music scene is quite big it used to be quite common to meet these guys, lean and his friends (and other prominent artists) at clubs/raves/gigs etc

Marcus Åkerman

Augustinus Commentariolus I think he mentioned them in a Fader interview or something. However Lean and his friends in Sad Boys and Drain Gang has known Eric Berglund for awhile and I remember Eric being at parties together with them a couple of years ago.

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My Frequencies

I insulted my Swedish friend in about 2006 by saying Swedish music was only ABBA & Roxette. She responded by making me a mix CD of which this was the standout track. Sweden has some great bands.

Eddie Pacer

why are these guys not that famous ? this song is crazy good !


This song IS love. The Tough Alliance is great. AND from sweden, that's pride and honor right there.

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