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The Tokyo Olympics really just Rickrolled the world...




@TehKaiser Can be coincidence nonetheless. "Never gonna give you up" is one of these songs that stick in your head forever and even if you don't intentionally want to cover it or think you forgot it, some signature elements might appear in your own composition. Same thing was the case with a Stefan Raab song for the Eurovision Song Contest. His "Wadde Hadde Dudde Da" sounded like a Spice Girls song but he said it was coincidence and I believed this because the matching Spice Girls song (don't remember the name) was also omnipresent everywere and was such a song that got stuck in your head.

Eden Bunker

I knew I heard this during the opening ceremony!


It's the accompaniment of the instrumental interlude in "Together Forever". Go to that music video and pay special attention to 1:58 over there.

Mitsuda says coincidence. Well....he's too close to the 80s and Astley's songs were Billboard #1s.

omar pikm


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Jesse Emerson

The best part is that the lead composer didn’t even know that ‘Never Gonna Give you up’ existed when he made this theme, it’s all just one hilarious coincidence

CMDR 0m3g488

You can tell who was born in the 90s and later; trying to claim that NGGYU wasn't popular until the 2000s. For reference, I was born in 1980... this song was well know worldwide shortly after it was released in 1987. I was there. I remember it. This song was playing in EVERY roller rink, arcade, Chuck E Chesse/Celebration Station, and was on MTV (when MTV actually played music videos) at least until I was in middle school in 1992. The Japanese were, in the 80s and still to this day quite interested and immersed in American popular culture. Was it a coincidence? Although unlikely; maybe. To say he couldn't have known? Hell no. It's more than likely he knew the song.

The song was quite popular in the late 80s/early 90s, got over played and hate built for it like with most pop songs, then in the late 90s it emerged on a telephone number that people would pass off as their own to "Rick Roll" someone. Shortly after that; early 2000s, the song began its life in internet meme culture.

Dude Rick Rolled us all and most of you are just in denial about it.

Fire Water

That's because he was inspired by a popular J-pop song, TRF's "EZ Do Dance" (1993), not Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" which never charted in Japan.

Adam J K

Zachary Boardwell yeah that song was not only really famous in it’s time, it was always on VH1, and that’s probably why it ended up on millennials radar how it did.

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