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A Tribe Called Red Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by A Tribe Called Red:

Alie Nation The Halluci Nation The human beings The people see the spiri…
BEFORE You have a collect call from an inmate at an…
Different Heroes awbfjgm b d nm b MN djxngjzfmdh c czhchmsfjsgagdhxhf HD…
Maima Koopi Maima Koopi Maima Koopi Maima Koopi Maima, Maima Koopi …
Northern Cree - Red Skin Girl (A Tribe Called Red Remix) Take a look just one more time beautiful smile beautiful eye…
R.E.D Chu ain't livin' by the G code What the fuck is…
R.E.D. Chu ain't livin' by the G code What the fuck is…
We Are the Halluci Nation We are the tribe that they cannot see We live on…

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Comments from YouTube:


I knew John when I was a kid. He was very hard of hearing. A gentle person. I hope Ian Birk gets a visit from Karma soon.

Ida Spook

Karma is inexorable. You can be sure Birk will reap the karmic consequences of these actions.

Double D

I almost cried in class, I'm no native American but I love the culture and I appreciate the people, it's a shame these lovely people are treated horribly, I would love to learn more about the culture and practice parts of it, my heart goes out to you all, much love, energy, and spirit

Thomas Feller

They put the wood carvers down but he won't go away! Idle No More! End the genocide now... thank you RED for the memorial to a fallen brother!

Jessina Van Datta

It takes so much strength and courage to listen to the story in this song and not lose it.


I just read the story. This is so fucked up. RIP JOHN T. WILLIAMS. Absolutely heartbreaking.


They can tear up the lands and turn the ancient boreal forest into an open pit mine. The black bear and wolf will still roam and their sacred land 1,000 years from now. 

Rubber Duckie543

@Bjorn Njordson oh

Rubber Duckie543

is that tru

i cant spell ok

Bjorn Njordson

If they go extinct now, they won't roam anywhere in 1000 years.

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