Bring Em Back Alive
Audioslave Lyrics

I was on my way to the center of the sun
When I lost my wings and I fell into a crowd
And they carried me to a hole in the ground
And they buried me, where no one could see
And no one would be around
I am a virus
I live in silence
I was on my way to a city in the clouds
When I lost my mind and I had to settle down
Then I had a dream of an island in the sea where the lepers die
Where no one survives and no one can hear the cries

I am a virus
I live in silence

Just like heathens thinking
On our feet we'll believe in God
With one step, two steps, three steps toward the graveyard
On the high road to remembering
It seems that we forgot

I am a virus
I live in silence

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Horse Man

just need to correct the lyrics in the final verse:

Just like heathens thinking on a field,
we forgot
we're one step,
two steps,
three step stone of the graveyard
on the road to remembering,
it seems that we forgot

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Bring him back alive.

Michael Fox

Chameleon Chris Someone killed him!!!


Let's build a tesseract in Hollywood and have Chris visit us on Earth on Halloween, so we can hear him one more time.

Mateus Escossio

@Chameleon Chris no

Chameleon Chris

@Jan Bosch intentional subliminal? do you think he was suicidal or darker forces to blame?


Wish he could be brought back to life

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Jeremiah Marcantel

I find myself listening to this well after Cornell's passing, it doesn't hurt so much anymore, but the sting is still there. This band specifically, not Soundgarden although great, is what carried me through those rainy mornings in South Louisiana at my worst times. Dealing with depression and suicidal tendencies because of a man from Texas that had so thought to assert himself into the ashes of my late father's empire and wear that crown as it rusted upon his head. Days in and nights out I dreamt of forcing his death through horrible means, be it a blade i forged in hatred or a horrible plague made of pure manifestations of malice as he crumbled to dust painfully. In that, the distorted riffs of Audioslave carried me away while still dreaming of darkness. I find myself listening to this song on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 not wanting the song to end, just like I didn't want it ti end when I fiund out Audioslave broke up, just like I didn't want it to end the day I had a strange feeling and binged Audioslave, only to find the strange sense of worry and loss was solidified by the news of his suicide the day after. Having been depressed, and the person who saved me from it first also been depressed, I know well that repeated admissions of exhaustion in incoherence to anything said back to them is a cry for help and a sign that the end is near. If only the people around him that day knew what that meant, he wouldn't have been alone.

Rest in peace, Chris, or walk the void and sing your songs. The choice is yours, master of vibrations.


Beastly solo and an immense bass riff. Love it.


@The MacZter It’s not a good solo musically, but it is chaotic and so so fun.

The MacZter

Love the song, hate the solo

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