Birds of Passage
Bel Canto Lyrics

Feel the winds on the ridges,
See the whirls in the meadows.
The ice-capped reed announce that the air is colder.
I feel the strength of my heart quiver inside me,
But I have no cure for the lunger in your eyes.

So don't ask that question 'cause
I don't know the reason why it must be just like this.
No don't ask that question, believe me,
I don't know why it has to end this way.

The wind will carry me away.
The wind that would have killed us both, it saves my life.
Your wish I'll keep in my mind,
And if it won't come true our dream will dream.

I don't know why it must be like this
So please don't ask That question 'cause
I don't have the answer.
I don't know why it has to end this way
So please don't ask that question 'cause
I, I don't know why.

So don't ask that question 'cause
I don't know why it must be like this.
No don't ask that question 'cause
I, I don't know why it has to end this way.

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Rodrigo Mežs

Send me a message
Escort me through the passage
Into the dark side of life
Let me slip into the eternity
I sense a light, a cave so bright

Oh what a trauma
Release me from this coma
Why won't they let me escape?
Drip, drip, intravenous emergency
And so in vain
The heal the stains and wounds on my body
So torn apart and bloody
I do not wish to return
I don't wanna be one of the crippled ones
Do hear my prayer
Don't fade away

Send me a message
Escort me through the passage
All I need is a sign
Skip over this emergency
Forgive my sins, don't force me in
To live like a phantom
Still, this is nothing random
I'm meant to suffer and wait
But one minute more and it might be too late
So give a sign, I'm losing time

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Kamil Walczak

Underrated masterpiece. We can hear the influences of cold wave bands (Xymox, Dead Can Dance), electro-pop (Eurythmics), and the other nordic legends (Björk). The album is quite diverse. We can find here melodic firecrackers ("Intravenous", "A Shoulder to the Wheel", "Oyster"), nostalgic ballads ("Birds of Passage", The Suffering", "Picnic on the Moon""), epic hymn of the fallen ("Dewy Fields"), and experimental synthpop ("Look 3"). As good as it gets. The lack of well-deserved attention is a bit surprising and could be the reason behind the decision made by Jenssen to leave the band.

Salvador Guerra


Eric Liestoh

30 years after this album was released, I still don't know a single soul besides myself who have even heard of this band, much less listened to this incredible album. My own personal gem.

Allin Robertson

Royksopp loves this band. In 2009 they featured Anneli Drecker from 'Bel Canto' on their third album 'Junior' with the task to write and sing two of their album tracks!!!

david samson

I heard this album in a mystical bookstore in Oklahoma City in 1992. i've been in love with them ever since


I only had this one album by them back in 91 or 92, but I absolutely loved it. Especially Oyster.


I have lissen to Bel Canto all my of life from they first album: White-Out Conditions (1987) to they last one,and i just love the vocie of Anneli Drecker :)

Eric Liestoh

Eli Broad's Crappy Homes Oh, I see. I didn’t read your last comment correctly.

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W Koło Macieju

Kto mnie zapoznał z tą perełką ? Oczywiście ŚP Tomasz Beksiński. Cudowna płyta, cudowne czasy. A 13:17 - A Shoulder To The Wheel - przebija wszystko.


Bardzo bym chciała wysłuchać tej audycji... ;-)

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