Idly I de-Ice
Bel Canto Lyrics

Behind a misty garden gate,
A place not drawn on any map,
Where barefeet angels dare not tread,
I have found myself sometimes.
You were the one to guide me out of there.
As you held my hand a thorny bush scratched your face.
The night was old and we were running fast.
I was only feeling so odd and very uptight (in deepest emotions of...).
Someone glued a tear in the corner of my eye (I cried, I cried).
Oh, who took a part in 99% of me?
I lost my will, it drowned inside a pool of dark and bitter miseries.
Inside the garden I kneeled down and prayed (in deepest emotions of...).
Inside the garden I bowed to fate (I bowed, I bowed).
Love for life is simply the only thing I live for (in deepest emotions of...).
Being left without it, I could no more endure(I tried, I tried).
I was only feeling so odd and very uptight (in deepest emotions of...).
Now the days are shifting and idly I de-ice (idly de-ice). Idly...

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Comments from YouTube:


One of the greatest songs ever written.

Detlef Eilers



"Rush" and "Shimmering..." are my favourite BC albums.

Nanna Barslev

Still a fantastic deep song, takes me back down memory lane

Alan Silver

It's certainly one of the best song titles ever.

Detlef Eilers

Pure heaven... 🥰 so much more is not possible ...

Jordi Perez

Hace muchos años la escuché, desde entonces no la he podido olvidar, este tipo de piezas convierten a un grupo musical en un grupo de culto. Mis agradecimientos a esos dos jóvenes de Trömso por todo lo que nos han entregado a lo largo de su carrera musical, SOBERBIOS


Masterpieces both.

Charlie Hoyas

maybe one of the best songs ever made...

Eleni33 Koro

“Maybe”? ha. Definitely one of the best.

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