Back Down the Black
Boy & Bear Lyrics

'Cause you hurting I can tell it by the way that you move
You get your head on your chest and your chest in your mouth
You don't look so good there'll be change
'Cause this one is to be... to see
But brother your scared and I'm scared
When your scared 'Cause you ain't suppose to be
So I'm screaming loud loud loud
Would you get out my way

'Cause I got the animal I got the beast on lease this day
So you don't go wondering back down to back to old fool
Ways and help
When, way you

Just to watch you this way
Just to watch you this way


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Why haven't more people liked this song? I can taste the feeling of this on my tongue

Marcos Eduardo Cortes Santos

#jonnor :$


"you kissed me, remember ? in the tent
and then at the movie theater you held my hand
and now all day you've been
i just
i don't get this
i don't get you"

Oswaldo Valencía

[Verse 1]
'Cause you're hurting
I can tell by the way that you move
You got your head on your chest
And your chest in your mouth, you don't look so good

There'll be change
Cause this one's too big not to see
But brother, you're scared and I'm scared
When you're scared, 'cause you ain't supposed to be

So I'll scream out loud, 'Won't you get out my way?'

'Cause I got the animal
I've got the beast on a leash these days
So you don't go wandering back down the black
To that awful place

And help
Is well on its way
You taught me too much to sit back
And watch you this way

Just to watch you this way...

Jean Torres Guerrero

Listen to this song and tears appear, so deep for some of us

Duane Oakley

Love this song.

Brian Phan

#Jonnor 💫

pop dare

i got the 100th like

Marcos Eduardo Cortes Santos


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