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Machete Mirage
by Buckethead

Oh, I wish I was in Dixie! Ole Ole! I wish I was in dixie...

Hi, this is little Littles, remember things are not always as they seem. Sometimes baloons will spell your doom, but a gory head stump can mean good luck.

Most theme parks have maps, not buckethead land. Here people like to get lost and not find their way out. Sometimes you pay for a day and get to stay a whole month. When you finally come stumbling out, confused and disoriented, you won't quite realize what a great deal you just got, hahahaha.

A killer binge on a total psycho deal bobble...


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Comments from YouTube:


Waiting for Bucketheadland vol. 3


tHe_bAd_sEEd Well well well... He already released buckethead live in bucketheadland which is kin of a part 3

Brian Bucket

Best guitarist ever.



A+F Proyecto Omega

mi guitarrista favorito!


well the song is simple intill the damn solo comes in its alot of fast sweeps but hard too kinda described how its played


yea they are some nice riffs man almost like cokoo clocks from hell


lol yes but half the stuff besides the solos is just simple metal chords man (: on this album anyways he does alot more crazy stuff


I mean the riff is already hard enough and then he whips that solo out


and i think he finger taps alil

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