The Way We Used To
Chelsea Wolfe Lyrics

Are we wasting our time awake here
We could be sleeping
I'll disappear then maybe
When you're here I know I could never love you
I only dream of you after you are gone
We don't work the way we used to
Your face has changed since morning
Say it
I want to hear some truth
Say it
Say it
When you're here I know I could never love you
I only dream of you after you are gone

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D.J. Giltner

Saw her on a very strange YouTube talk show called "The Goreburger Show" while searching Cedric Bixler Zavala (?) interviews and her performance moved me so much! Fast forward a couple years and heard her just now on a "come to Las Vegas" commercial and had to listen here so thank you very much for making Chelsea Wolfe available to the masses and thank you Chelsea Wolfe for music


@christofyre same here


That’s exactly how I found Chelsea! By watching Mars Volta interviews until I stumbled on the Gorburger Show and fell in love immediately!

D.J. Giltner

Just remember it was "The goreberger show"

Pop Tart

MY awesome new handle do you have a link to that show

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I had chills the whole time see like takes u into another world and let's your soul run free that's how good she is

Sean S.


Janet Craft

I like the location. It has a natural echo which enhances her voice. Listen to it with your eyes closed and you'd swear she is in some bat cave.

Jamie Van Beveren

tricksebas she does use reverb effects on vocals but she also does create a natural reverb with her vocals often. Check out some acoustic videos where she is sans anything but perhaps the good acoustics of the room


it could be that, or it could be the reverb pedal in her pedalboard, i'd go for the second one

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