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by Chiasm

Still I can hear your voice
Still I await the choice
To find
Your peace of mind

Still I awake so cold
Still hear your breath unfold
Your hand
On solid land

Lost, I await your call
Lost, I can hear you fall
The same
Cold misty rain

Here I am found at last
Here I'll forget the past
And find
What's truly mine

I can hear your conscience dancing
I can feel the fear unfold
I can see the tension grasping
Now I know the still you hold
Now I know the still you hold

I can still hear you
I can still feel you
You left a mark that will not ever change
Now that I will find your peace of mind

Your path awaits me
I can't erase the
Unending touch that makes my breath unfold
I'll be here until
You break the still
I'll be here until
You break the still
Break the still

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