Born 2 Be Fly
Cognito Lyrics

Cause I was born 2 be fly

(Tech N9ne):
Strange music baby
Cognito, Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne, yea

We rockin, We rollin(repeat)
(Cause I was born 2 be fly)
U ain't fresh as me, nah, U ain't fresh as me(repeat)

(Verse 1 Krizz Kaliko):
See I was born 2 take off, take off, and ain't no way that u can stop it
Yes I was a passenger, now I'm in the cockpit
Rock pits where I started it, snake and bats where I end it
Living ghetto fabulous, ain't got but I spend it
And I fly like an eagle
Watch me fly around, the knew guy n Town
And I never let em tie me down
U even acting like ya eying me now
The knew pilot, watch how high I get
When I Pull rope and quote how high I sit
Like ganja, high above came from under
Then so fly, now angels are under
The beast wanna get control of me
Spread my wings to fly high, when I'm to low to see
High like I'm ever a Jodeci, are high like Micheal Jackson, patrol the sea
Get way up in the solar system
Flow to slow and u missed him
Fly way above I level, fly to high for this devil


(Verse 2 Cognito):
Never mind that I'm a genius
I never could know that I could take it to a level that celebrities go
Now that I made it, I separated the hated debated on what the hell imma do
when I make it to the show
Jump in the crowd were the mosh is
They know who the boss is
I'm cuttin my loses
Whatever the cost is
I'm never lookin back, I never wanna be the one that said I should've made it
So I sighed with the king of darkness
I'm claimin strange baby, I'm from the hood
And I would never trade it in for nothing, never take it back
Even if I could
To live a life of rock'n'roll, every night on the road
and every night another city, and it never gets old
never to weak to get beat with she a deva belive'a
and C O G, Kutt, Scoob, Kali, Lynch and Tecca Ninna
We the ultimate level of satisfaction
call em industry assassins
so what u askin
so when they hate u with passion
that's when I cash n laughin all the way to the bank
with the money that I make
Take a little trip into the world of strange with us
we got everything u need
weed to angel dust
Come and take a couple of these pills
to make you lust


(Verse 3 Tech N9ne):
11/8/71 is when everything is a'comin again I'mma feed em
begun of, be one of the dummies
get money in ton of gunna be
Who shoot ya, who got ya
No one ahead of me
Ya better just let it be
better close by the stands a posta for lead in me
if you ever be ready to sever me never be
U ?cocka? Muffucka
I got everything
Forever be king
The heap hunk of cheddar we bring
we never be seen
unless u got the weathery thing
U better be clean
I'm steady with the the feddy
Baby let it get green
I was born 2 be fly
So in the Sequoya
I'm addicted to riches and bitches and porn for me, HA!
know what the rocka really wanna come with the choppa
When I pop n stop
Believe the industry is torn when we die
Techs gonna murder
Better block your people
If u think u better better stop the ego
Niggers wanna battle but no prob for me though
The speed of Tecca Ninna got the NOS for negros
Flyin over niggas like a flock of seagles
You better get away cause I'm ma drop the C4
Tech Ninna n Kaliko n Cognito

CAUSE I WAS BORN 2 BE FLY, fly, fly, fly

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