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Got a tattoo that said "together through life"
Carved in your name with my poker knife
And you wonder when you wake up, will it be alright oh oh
Feels like there's something broken inside

All I know
All I know
Is that in lost whenever you go
All I know is that I love you so
So much that it hurts

Got a tattoo and that paint is alright
Just wanted a way of keeping you inside (oh oh oh oh oh)

All I know
All I know
Is that I'm lost
In your fire bellow
All I know is that I love you so
So much that it hurts

I see the road begin to climb
I see the stars, begin to show
I see your colors and I'm dying of thirst

All I know is that I love you so
So much that it hurts
Oh yeah yeah yeah
So much that it hurts
So much that it hurts

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Pier Ron

For those that want to understand what he is saying. He is speaking some English + Nigerian Pidgin English + Igbo Language.
My baby, my valentine - yeah (English)
Girl, nah you dey make my temperature dey rise. (Pidgin) -> Girl, you are the reason my temperature is going up (getting sick).
If you leave me, I go die (pidgin). I swear -> If you leave me, I will die. I swear
You are the oxygen I need to survive. (English)
And I'll be honest (English)
Your loving dey totori me (pidgin) -> Your love gives me butterflies 🦋
I am so obsessed. (English)
I want to eat your Nkwobi (English + Igbo) -> Nkwobi is an Igbo dish that is very delicious. He could be saying he wants to eat her up like Nkwobi. He is definitely not referring to the dish here guys. He is keeping it PG.

Unle, Your body dey gbaka'm isi (Pidgin + Igbo) -> Unle (Exclamation), your body is making my head blow -> your body is driving me crazy.
Open am make I see (Pidgin), Unle -> Open it (ie. the body), so I can see. Unle (Exclamation).
Give me love Nwantiti (English + Igbo) -> Give me a little sweet love
Baby, make a bad man sing (English)

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Itz_Angel_ Animated

I can’t stop listening to this song 😪 it’s just so perfect 🥲

Nayani dreams



@Anis Fatima lol

Anis Fatima

@DARKFORCE Gaming 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜

Anis Fatima


Sanchitt Jindal

@Kasturi Sahoo it's kind of song you don't understand much but you just Vibe on it... Ooooo la la la.. 👋😄

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It doesn't matter which part is the best,infact the different parts of this song together combins ; makes the song fantabulous 🤘🏻 💙✨

Shubh Negi

That's the fact 👌

Anushka 's little big world

Wow yup that's truee

Mauro Guzman

amo esta cancion ,ahora ya no la paro de escuchar

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