Craig Cardiff Lyrics

Verse 1
I’m thinking about What you said
As you walked out the door
Your words stuck in my head
And they’re circling like birds and stars

You said
My heart is no weapon, in fact
My heart is a gate
My heart is open and unafraid
And it's waiting for
You to find your way in

Verse 2
When we're old
Will you lean into
The open mouth kiss offered to you
On the porch swing
Under a blanket of stars?

(You said) My heart is no weapon
My heart is a gate
My heart is open
My heart is afraid

Does this love know enough to bend low into the winds?
Does this love know it's even love at all?
What's to say that this love won't fail like others before it?
I say stop, too many questions to pile onto one little song

Repeat verse 1 + chorus

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