Da Grin Lyrics

Lala. Da grin.
Aint nothing change
It's Certain Records baby
I know you heard a lot about the bootie call
But right now awon boys bring the bootie hardcore
Dr Frabs insane on this one
Ladies, catch me if ya'll can
It's Certain Records baby
Da grin]
Omo mo like bootie yen gan men, mofe fi she office
To ba ro iro meefa mo shi ma notice
Shey iru wa ninu obe e ni?, to ba mo bi mo she ko e je
To ba je mo ni bootie ni, mo ma sin e je
Sho fi jo mummy ni abi ti mummy na …mmm
They know I love the bootie, so they call me ekun
I've seen a lot of bootie but ti e yato
To ba dele mi, moma fi e pa tan
Ko need ka jo negotiate kin to wole penetrate
But iye tin ma fun e, mo mo poo ma appreciate
Omo ele kinni to yi e o po, opo
Shey ko le jabo, o sure poo so po, so po?
O mo kan to wonder mi, ki lo shake ni be?
Kini awon boys rush fun, ki lo fe take nibe?
Moti sample kini yi, ko si ikan ti mo le fi we

Mi mind to ba de mu mi lo ile, as take-away!

Baby girl the thing wey I love for your body na your idi nla
The way you dey fling am, omo aya min ja

Omo aya min ja (3ice)

You make me wonder
Omo aya min ja

Step into the club, mo ri omo kan, mo ri omo kan
Staring at me, alomoko alomoko
I really want you, let me see how you move
Me, myself dey for club, myself I wan groove
Omo ele let me see you moving that thing
Me and you tonight, omo we go run things
Is it money you want, tell me something

To ba dele mi, I got the strong thing
Make I really see how you move that

I know you got bootie, baby let me see that
See me looking at you standing right there

If you no come my way I go die there

Baby girl the thing wey I love for your body na your idi nla

The way you dey fling am, omo aya min ja
Omo aya min ja (3ice)

You make me wonder
Omo aya min ja

Omo I no dey jisoro

Shey you see paro this girl dey gbe mi gba o?
Wetin I gbadun for your bootie, na the hardcore
No be shere shere. Make dem dance rere
O boy, you looking like you like what you see
I'm about to check upon it, baby let me work upon it

Mo ti lo mo won lowo, moti bo mowon lowo
Eyin titi wa, ati shi mo won lowo
Moti lo yankee bo
Moti lo jandi bo

To ba ri mi ni sin yin, moti di big bobo, moti robo
Mi she big boy without kobo
I got bootie from coast to coast
Owo wa lowo mi so I no ready to toast
Sho ma gbe sun mo mi? (grins)?
Holla at your boy!

So Certain So Certain
Ma sun
We are plenty
We are mighty
Eruku yapa
Omo infinity

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Comments from YouTube:

Dayo Ofere

If this guy was to be alive, many Nigerian artiste wouldn't have a career , he sings , he raps . What a genius we lost at a very young age .

Olawale Caleb

Valid point✅

Adekola Adebiyi

This is an example of hearing a good beat and knowing what to do with it...sick beat, sick chorus.Thumbs up Dagrin, Lala and Dr Frabz

Adekola Adebiyi

@Daniel Nze i swear bro, its so sad

Daniel Nze

All three are now dead sadly... Chai!

Ndoh Boy

bro, ur on point..the badest beat with nice flow ad chorous. rip my bigest fan

brain box

Dagrin have a good sense of music approached the game with a very unique style never can see this kind of flavor again it comes with it all hands down the best if you still doubting its 2018 and this one still tops the chart for me

Heineken Goodluck

Rip dagrin,
Rip Dr Frabs
Rip Lala
May there souls rest in peace.

You guys did a nice job here

Official maleeksouls



Bruh Lala don pass away too?

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