What they want
Da Grin Lyrics

Yea. Yea. Sossissy, what it do?
Yea! Sossick. Dagrin's
On the beat, baby. Esa ti ri bóse
Nlo. It's Misofunyin Entertainment.
Where the ladies in the house.
Yea. Yeah. Let's go.

Yeah. Omo ele sómo pe o beautiful.
Your back side and
Your front, o n da mi lorun. Mole
Fun e ni gbogbo chain ti
Mo ko si orun. The way you back
It up, shake that bootie.
B'ose se mi body yi o da, o da pe
Mo ti ko AIDS. I'm your friend,
Jo ma pe mi ni egbon. Fa mi ni irugbon.
O baby, ma like bi o
Se ngbon. One side, be like big
Bowl. I want to touch it.
Baby, here me big curl. Kilode
Tóun demo, you frontin.
Straight to my crib. I'll give
You how you wanting. Mo like
Furo bi mo se like oguro. Ask about
Me, wa so fun e, mi ki paro.
I want to see if na yellow or dudu.
I don't mind if na the bootie
You dey take dey pupu. I give them
What they want . Ki
Lo fe, dis huh...

Hey babe. I'm in love with this
Ikebe. Now I got the money
Mehn you go call me elebe. Omo
Yoruba ni, she tryna hike
Like ko gbede. But we already
Know, o kan demo o n dibo. They
Way you roll it, you moving like
A stripper. Throw me the
Bootie, let me drop it like a goal
Keeper. This is big bootie,
We call it Babylon. Mi le ya sinu
Paper, e go finish my crayon.
Omo ele, ibo lo ti ri bootie to
Tóbi bia. Táwon boys le e kiri
Adugbo, sórogo bia. First time
Ti ma ri bootie to ni external
Hips. Ti n ba gba e mu, this is my
External tricks. They way
You roll, o take it slow. Back
It up again fast fast. Here
We go. I'm a bootie fan. This is
My shine. Gbe su mo mi, o da
Be. Baby lets dance.

I like fresh hos. I spend fresh
Doughs. Misofunyin
Entertainment, emini CEO. E
Go beta for the bootie ladies
In the house. All the sugar mummy,
Everybody e se amin.
Where my boys at (where my boys
At). It is real. You already
Know what it is mehn. Yeah. Dagrin.
Sossick. Classic tunes
Baby. Holla.

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