Heaven Help Us All
David Ruffin Lyrics

Heaven help the child who never had a home,
Heaven help the girl who walks the streets alone
Heaven help the roses if the bombs begin to fall,
Heaven help us all.
Heaven help the black man if he struggles one more day,
Heaven help the white man if he turns his back away.
Heaven help the man who kicks the man who has to crawl,
Heaven help us all.
Heaven help us all
Heaven help us all, help us all.
Heaven help us, Lord, hear our call when we call Oh, yeah!
Heaven help the boy who won't reach twenty one,
Heaven help the man who gave that boy a gun.
Heaven help the people with their backs against the wall,
Lord, Heaven help us all.
Heaven help us all.
Heaven help us all,
Heaven help us all, help us all.
Heaven help us, Lord, hear our call when we call, help us all.

Now I lay me down before I go to sleep.
In a troubled world, I pray the Lord to keep, keep hatred from the mighty,
And the mighty, from the small,
Heaven help us all.
Oh, oh, oh, yeah!
Heaven help us all
Heaven help us all.
Heaven help us all,
Heaven help us all, help us all.
Heaven help us, Lord, hear our call when we call, help us all.

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Written by: Ronald N. Miller

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A million dollar voice! David was born to share his unique voice with all. Can't get enough of hearing this voice that you can listen to over and over. His songs makes you feel so good.

Sandra Atkins

I agree. I have all of his post-Temptations' music. I really don't even listen to the Temptations anymore except to watch the dancing. David by himself was utterly superb, and we hear the full range of his wonderful talent. Love and miss you so much David.❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏

Antonia Lyons Powell

virgo6048 Amen!!!

Noreen Faruga

i love David Ruffins version of this track it is nailbiting and stirs the hairs on the back of one' neck. the last verse is the most striking as today we face people homeless and destitute and young men turning to crime out of boredom and hoplessness.i should have said desperation. thank you David Ruffin , Noreen, United Kingdom

Dee Jay

All I can say is "WOW!" This is my first time hearing this song by David! He starts out very methodical, but midway into the song, it's like the spirit took over! This is right up there with Stevie's 1970 version, which is also fantastic!


This voice came down from Heaven, so - indeed - Heaven helps us all.

Fast eddie 510




Grim Quarles

I saw myself on this and remembered why. A while back I was looking for a song. I came across this and read the write up. I had to comment The Ruffin material that was not released and the songs talked about above are absolutely incredible! The politics and the little disagreements back then, kept some very soulful music from being enjoyed. David Ruffin has 3 albums that are amazing and he would have been right up there with Marvin as far as a Motown solo artist. Just listen to " Rode by where we use to Stay", " Go on with your Bad Self" " "I've lost everything I ever loved" "Common Man" and "Statue of a Fool" true music people like myself were robbed of great soul. I'm so glad music is my hobby and I search for artist material. I knew about Ruffin's work years ago. Personal riffs should never get in the way of true music.

Sandra Atkins

💯💯💯 I have the three albums. They are utterly fantastic. You really hear the depths of David's voice and soul on thosev albums. They are nothing like that bubble gum stuff he sang with the Tempts.

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