Running Scared
Del Shannon Lyrics

Just running scared each place we go
So afraid that he might show
Just running scared, what would I do
If he came back and wanted you? Just running scared - feeling low
Running scared - you loved him so Just running scared - afraid to lose
If he came back, which one would you choose? Then all at once he was standing there
So sure of himself, his head in the air
My heart was breaking, which one would it be? You turned around walked away with me

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Excellent :-)

Terry Cullen



There was never anyone like him. If only he'd had more self-belief!

Yeshua Fink

Gracias por tu voz Del Shannon forever

maximiliano monopoli

Tenia una voz muy clara y fuerte. Gran musico lindas canciones. Apreciaba a Roy Obison,otro grande, gran cover

T Howard



Thanks for the comment (I agree!)

Boss Hogg

Bravo !

Ω Damocles Ω

Jigsaw "The Truth Will Set You Free"


John 8:32

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