What Are We Gonna Do?
Dru Hill Lyrics

Whispers passed in silence
Two lovers passing in the night
A love that's left and hopeless
That can never survive

What are we gonna do
What are they gonna to say
Where are we gonna to go
When they find out
What are we gonna do
What are they gonna say
Where are we gonna go
When they find out

Sing your song sing your song sing your song
Really don't know you well
Got to get to know me too
So see, we can make this work

Through your friends won't approve
See, we can't let them know
Exactly what's going on
'Cause they won't understand

What we have between us


Woody, Woody, Woody, Woddy
I know we may be rushing
There's no time to think it through
'Cause when love overcomes your heart

There's nothing you can do
Misery loves company
By now you should know
People always have advice about being together

When they're all alone
I cry
I cry, I cry, late at night baby

Inside my heart babe
I was all alone
Don't you let no God damn body come near
And tear our love apart

'Cause I love you girl
You're all my world
So what are we gonna do
What are we gonna do

I feel so afraid, babe
Feel like a baby
Just hold me darling
And let me know

I need to know
I've got to know
What are we, oh baby

[Chorus: x2]

What are we gonna do
Oh well, well, well, well, well, well
Oh baby, well, well, well, well

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Jay P

Dru Hill should of made a video to this song.

Tracie Martin

@Jay P I definitely agree. This is one of my favorites by Dru Hill-one of the best groups ever. Loved me some Nokio. Lol.

Mag-nito Muzik


Alaya Aziz





Probably didn’t realize how big this song would get?

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Terlynn Lucas

the way sisqo comes in the whoaaaaaaa just so cold

Tyeisha Wadley

Yesssssssss I felt it especially during depression men fr


He can sang ❤️


@Connie Bonnie at 0:35

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