Peter Gunn
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I've always thought this was the first 'heavy' guitar record. Steve Douglas sax playing is fantastic. Never been surpassed by anyone.

Ivor Boofty

Aged 19, 1958, I thought "awesome" aged 80 2020, I thought "bloody awesome"


Age 16 2022 and finally decided to explore more music genres and decided to look at my grandpas taste in music to start and I’m finding a lot of amazing songs


Named our last born after Duane, and Peter Gun is so the person he is ,

Cismale Scumbag70

And you were right on both occassions.

shawn 21

Mark Emmins heard this song the other day at 19 and thought the same thing.

Nat Yelverton Music Tuition


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rick woodard

These players were future "wrecking crew" or, as many called themselves " the click" session folks, the baddest of the bad. This song inspired many top guitarists of the future- and what a killer tone and vibe, written by H. Mancini !

D Tittle1964

I've got one of the Duane Eddy greatest hits c.d.'s I love it. Especially when someone who remembers when the music was new hears it playing. An older guy heard Rebel Rouser  playing as I waited for my wife in the local Wal-Mart parking lot. He said " since when do people your age know about great music like this"? I told him I grew up listening to it. Made his day.

Chris Surname

I was born in '71 - growing up, my parents were on low incomes and always had older cars. Until I was about 10, our cars always had 8 track stereos and I grew up with a choice of about a dozen cartridges, including Motown Legends, CCR, Stealers Wheel, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly and Duane Eddy...

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