Duster Lyrics

Go forth
Sorting dreams of truth
Friends, should I, or should I not?
Scheme forward on this beaten path

Sit and play
Framing days
Thoughts and games
Slipping through the ranks
With a long cold look

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this song feels like a return train journey. maybe you've been to see old friends, or experienced some major life event far away from home. it always seems to be sunny on a return journey? maybe that's just me. all the passengers, yourself included, with pensive searching thoughts drawn on their faces. the amber light and the long shadows passing rhythmically through the passenger car. it facilitates thought. i never feel like the same person on the journey home; like i've gone through a right of passage.


nah its overcast af


amazing comment

Isobel Gee

Not only great music, but consistently great album art.


@Kazzz kazz.. how are you in 2021?


@Anthony Anthony.. how are your melons holding up a year later?


@M D Michael... where are you one year later, hows it going


Isobel.. where are you three years later man, whats new?


the end of this song hits me so hard every time.

J Avery

penetrated my sad soul

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