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by Einstürzende Neubauten

:: chrysantemum ::

for you I'm a chrysantemum
supernova, urgent star

:: astera compositae ::

for you i'll be a dandelion
a thousand flowerettes in the sky
or just a drop in the ocean

if you know my name
don't speak it out
it holds a power - as before

:: liliacea ::

a lily of the valley
a flower of saron

:: helianthus annus ::

for you i even be a sunflower
do you hear my enlightening laughter?
another reason to cut off an ear

you know my name, do you not?
don't say it
for it is sacred, immovable - frozen

:: rosa, anemone et nymphea alba ::

i'll even be a waterlily,
a marygold, a rose
or a little thistle

:: euphorbia ::

a blue dahlia, a black tulip
that's where opinions differ
the scholars disagree

my name, should you know it
remains unspeakable
and is spoken - malediction

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Written by: Alexander Hacke, Andrew Chudy, Blixa Bargeld, F.m. Strauss, Mark Chung

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Comments from YouTube:

Tatiana Nikolaevna

I will never ever understand why Blixa is so criminally underrated. At least in the USA...

Keith Larsen

I remember as a teenager thinking this was the most profoundly beautiful thing created. Teenage me was right.


Blixa Bargeld is the only person on the planet who should ever be allowed to have a mullet. ...well, Blixa Bargeld and David Bowie, but only when the latter is Ziggy Stardust or a Goblin King...


yall dont fight, mullets are for everyone =')

martk fartkerson

What are you talking about? That's not a mullet, it's just medium length hair brushed back over his ears...

Elizabeth Hann

Oh, I think you're so right, I really do. You know, I've always thought that Blixa, in his prime (like here), rather resembled David Bowie as the Goblin King.




Why is the song muted because of claims by the copyright holder, when it was uploaded BY THE BAND THAT MADE THE SONG!?


This has always reminded me of Serge Gainsbourg

Sean Wheadon

complete ecstacy---sounds a little like AIR--yet so much more complexed--and to think i laughed at a previous song--this is gorgeous

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