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Yesterday I completed Mass Effect 3...
I have no words... This game series will be forever in my heart


I remember finding this song after becoming a fan of Faunts after playing Mass Effect. I remember thinking it would make a good credits theme for one of the next games. Lo and behold when ME3 comes out I am pleasantly surprised!

Lord Effie

This! I just LOVE that they brought faunts into the last game. M4 part 2 got me hook to this band when it came out and I'm just really glad they brought them back.

Scott Artemius

I LOVED Mass Effect 1,2,3 and all the Endings. It is still one of the best series in gaming history!

Umbrella Sound

@Imthegoat3000 different genres


I think the Arkham games are better for now but, you never know

Tlot Pwist

Glad i picked Synthesis first time i played.
The music worked better for shepard jump than the two other ends

Daniel Rodera

to me mass effect is just mass effect, I can't judge the games separately.

Gabe Newell

Mortal Kombat the best of the best

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Fucking loved the ending. Wasn't a happy ending but the whole universe went through a massive shift and broke a million-year cycle. All because of Shepard. I honestly think that only Dune (the books, not the movie) is the only other Sci-Fi that gets this fucking epic and emotional.

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