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God of Mediocrity

I love how the video ends with the cat staring into the camera with utter resentment. If you guys didn't know, this video is based off of a Chinese legend on how the 12 zodiac animals were selected. The cat was left out and continues to stay bitter till this day.

Aday G

@SilvrDragon52 Damnnn that is so fucking deep

Aday G



@Bah Studd Hey man, my cat is cooler than a dog.


That explains while the animals were morphing the cat wasnt there.


Fun fact, in Vietnamese version of zodiac, the rabit was replaced by the cat.

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Em L

To those who are still pondering the meaning behind this animation, here's what I've come up with:  This video is meant to represent the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. According to the ancient story, these animals were selected to be part of the zodiac in the order that they finished a race.  The cat was originally a contender in this race to become a zodiac, but it failed to cross the river to the finish. This is why, if you look closely, you can see the shape of a cat throughout the duration of the animation, and also this is why the very last scene shows a cat waiting at the edge of a river--it was the one animal that lost the race and did not become a zodiac.

Aday G

@RallyCar08 from what I heard no the mouse betrayed the cat and pushed it in to the water so the mouse would win the race the cat downing well it just didnt win

Arka Type

MonkeyMakeMeAngry420 d

g m

Why doesn't the horse die

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