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Zodiac Shit
Flying Lotus Lyrics

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God of Mediocrity

I love how the video ends with the cat staring into the camera with utter resentment. If you guys didn't know, this video is based off of a Chinese legend on how the 12 zodiac animals were selected. The cat was left out and continues to stay bitter till this day.


It's mr trumaticks psychedelic ascension video

Aday G

@SilvrDragon52 Damnnn that is so fucking deep

Aday G



@Bah Studd Hey man, my cat is cooler than a dog.


That explains while the animals were morphing the cat wasnt there.

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Iron Guardian

When you take acid and watch animal documentaries


For sure bro i once took some acid( it had the marijhuana leaf on it as the art)and closed my eyes instantly got shot through a fractal maze of sorts tried to navigate it failed and then just gave up and the moment that i did give up this crazy beam of light pulled me out of it and i ended up somewhere white like really white the most white ive ever seen like ever there was a tree there and it started to twist and turn violently almost like it was reacting to me been there somehow it grew a brain and started to communicate to me through dance and then i opened my eyes and my dog was pink lol never could replicate that experience sometimes i still wonder at night what the hell that was all about. good times.


when you take acid

Roshan Antony

Will find out tomorrow :)

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