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To Bleep or Not to Bleep?
Frantic Bleep Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Frantic Bleep:

A Survey Wait and see... Come see the floodstricken areas! The stret…
But a Memory The king abdicates In favor of one's son Ruined by the…
but_a_memory The king abdicates In favor of one's son Ruined by the…
Cone In our cradles we dream sweetly Of destinations we can never…
Curtainraiser Dance, dance, dance My little fairy queen That is the most…
Mandaughter Faster, faster! They'll catch you soon! Jump in the well! T…
Mausolos The winds of Sunday told us Where we could find hell To…
Nebolous Termini Would they never wake up? Those of the first water Have …
Neboulous Termini Yet I tremble... Why Tremble before the abyss... Would t…
Sins of Omission The man came down with a crash He made a charge…
The Expulsion By the web of umbilical cords The Circletowers led their sh…
___but a memory The king abdicates In favor of one's son Ruined by the…

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Comments from YouTube:


Criminally under-appreciated album. Still perplexed as to how this failed to make much of a dent within the scene.

Rare Metal Albums

As I understood, for prog fans this album was not so cool as they expected. Mixed reviews.


For me this is a classic


Love that opener

Donald Wynecoop

Reminiscent of Spiral Architect, which is a huge compliment.

Sixx Arctica

Hey, you can upload Ravenous Album from Wolf ??

Rare Metal Albums

You can listen it on Spotify.

Sixx Arctica

@Rare Metal Albums is there any other way for me to enjoy your album bro, especially Ravenous album

Rare Metal Albums

I can't to publsh this one. It's blocked by YT.

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