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Inventio 15 In H-Moll BWV 786
Glenn Gould Lyrics

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Elsie Rae Blackbird

I've been practicing this piece over and over for the past few weeks. It sounds good...fine...but every time I go back to this recording, I feel like I haven't even started. I can't hear the melodies Gould draws out of it...unless I listen to him...and then I still don't know where they come from, they seem to float out of thin air, and disappear when he is done.

Piano’s Blox World

Isn’t that the effect of Gould?

Blank Name

Now that I'm actually attempting this, all I can say is that it really helps to be left handed lol. But seriously, this one is a bit difficult compared to the other inventions (that I've attempted at least...1,2,4,5,6,8,13). Gould's subject articulation is quite difficult to reproduce along side the countersubject (and is a prime example of mastery with 2 part counterpoint technique). Mental practice can help if you have the patience. All you can do is practice various ways...individual voices soloed, playing the whole piece with subject or non-subject only, slow practice with a focus on bringing out the subject, etc. Just takes time. Happy practicing!

Michael Sreepuram

Because he was bach in 20th century

Blank Name

You have to look at the score and notice the structure and individual voices. I think Gould might be getting that effect by making some voices to talk to each other. Could also get one voice to act like two as well. You can do a lot with such ideas even if it's simple things. It's all about articulation design.


me too

Lolek Kata

Gould's interpretation is wonderful but even more stunning after intricately studying the text and working on the peace as I am currently. He purposefully connects eight notes, adds and subtracts ornaments, varies the touch and adjusts the emphasis in phrasing in the most creative of ways. Just to copy his interpretation is daunting. He has truly transformed this marvelous work into something almost of his own creation.

Love Bach

Your Opinion is right and wrong. becasue NOBODY CANT JUSR COPY GG. If someone can do, it means he or she is the worldbest pianist.


The best invention played by the best Bach interpreter. Magnificent!

Daniele Di Rubbo

Beh, il maestro è ancora vivo.
Ricordatevi: la gente così è immortale

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