Drop Out
Graveltrap Lyrics

always doing things I don't like
never making sense of the system
the skies above are falling on me
maybe one day I'll be happy
It's like your dragging me around, upside down into the ground
I don't think I can carry on
my life has lost it's self belief, nothing left for me to see
fuck this world I'm going home this time

I'll try forever till I die,
but you'll keeping knocking me back one last time
you'll lie forever past the side
why am I the one that's all confused

once again you tell me your lies
the same old argument black and white but
It's not like I care bout you anyway
give me time and I will never face it

My life is empty, when I'm living, lies you told me, I'm
Little voice inside my head is, Annoying, and confusing
So you wake up, Sunday Morning,
You are crying, I don't know why,
I don't think that this is worth it,
I don't think that no no no...

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Comments from YouTube:

Killian Main

P-Rock was the musical highlight of my childhood! I owe P-Rock for more than half the bands I listen to now!


Haven't heard this in ages! Great tune. It's a shame P-Rock died.

Garry Kerr

A.................MAZING.....this era of music as the best. My band had the privilege of suppporting [Spunge] from p-rock on their greatest hits tour last year


RIP P-Rock =(

dave bunting



i lisend 2 p-rock when i was 4 gd memories


If only Postcards by Uncle Brian was on Youtube too...

TootsMac Tait



It is now!

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