Love Again
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Some day I'll love again
But it won't be you
I'll be gone 'til then
Once I didn't know what breaks a heart
Guess I had to learn

Guess I didn't know
Guess I had to learn

Guess I didn't know
Guess I had to learn
I'm crying again

It's time I stop denying

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to Hird's song "Love Again" are a poignant reflection on heartbreak and the painful process of moving on. The opening lines, "Some day I'll love again, but it won't be you" set a somber tone, acknowledging that the subject of the singer's affections has caused them pain and that they will eventually need to find love elsewhere. However, the following line, "I'll be gone 'til then," suggests that the singer is not yet ready to move on and will need to take time to heal.

The chorus of the song repeats the phrase "Guess I didn't know, guess I had to learn," emphasizing the idea that the singer is coming to terms with their feelings and the reality of the situation. The repetition of this line adds to the sense of introspection and reflection that runs throughout the song. The final lines, "I'm crying again, it's time I stop denying," convey a sense of acceptance and a willingness to face the pain of heartbreak head-on.

Overall, "Love Again" is a powerful and emotionally charged song that deals with universal themes of love, loss, and healing. The lyrics are simple yet effective, conveying a sense of vulnerability and raw emotion that will resonate with anyone who has ever gone through a difficult breakup.

Line by Line Meaning

Some day I'll love again
At some point in the future, I will be able to love another person again.

But it won't be you
However, that individual is not going to be you.

I'll be gone 'til then
Until that future moment arrives, I will have moved on and will no longer be in a relationship with you.

Once I didn't know what breaks a heart
In the past, I was not aware of what actions cause emotional pain.

Guess I had to learn
However, I have been taught by my experiences.

Guess I didn't know
Perhaps I was ignorant.

I'm crying again
I am feeling upset and expressing my sorrow.

It's time I stop denying
It is necessary for me to stop pretending that everything is okay.

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of course Yukimi does a lot of collaboration but you might want to mention that her band is "Little Dragon" which is one of the best new bands around and is unbelievable live

James Pierce

one of the great modern jazz singers, along with Melanie de Biasio

diego rosales delgado

amazing voice
amazing woman
amazing person i guess
amazing artist


@uztfguszgf Thank you! I'm just a fan of REAL and GOOD music. I get so sick & tired of the majority of stuff thats on the radio so one day I was browsing the net and youtube for some song I heard in a movie called 8mm. I accidentally found out about Jazzanova (another AWESOME band) first. And from there, the rest was history. The music I found just branched off from there like a tree and eventually led me to find out about Yukimi and Hird! The amount of good music out there is staggering!

the deeliciousplum

Many of the comments to this piece capture my thoughts. What a startling and beautiful composition. Thanks for sharing it.


I am so glad to have discovered Hird this evening


Beautiful pieces of Yukimi

Lungile Zaphi

Thursday morning jam, Sun is shinning on my face, thankful and grateful for my breathing heart.

Simone Kley

Lungile Zaphi miss you my friend, hope you still listen to this song every now and then... also hope you still taking photos and life is treating you well, love you Lungz , soo cool finding your comment here :)


a breath of fresh air thank you

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