I:Scintilla Lyrics

Envy’s blade, Ego plague
Tried to take me out twisted hate
Trap of lies took you down
Because you had to taste the bait

Red as blood and vague as the sky
I can’t believe the things you deny

Thankless art, loveless heart
Take it out on me to pass it through
Re-rejected, smoke curling
Clearly I must’ve got to you

Running the course, outside the line
You carve respect, from the swine

Keep your enemies close?
I say push them aside
Let you choke on the dust of
Your hate and your pride
Your failure is a fire
It’s killing you inside
Can’t you leave this where you
Left integrity behind

Who’s laughing?
Who’s laughing now?
Red as blood, and vague as the sky
I can’t believe, the things you deny

I’ll learn to use the flames
Keep feeding the inferno
Burning you inside
Burning up your mind
I won’t feed your guilt
I won’t feed your greed
I won’t feed your anger
Who’s laughing now?

Burning you inside
Burning out your mind
It’s killing you inside

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Comments from YouTube:

Mike Turner

This is music you can crash your car to

Richard Sloan

the fucking beat is intoxicating the band kills.....


Excellent song! That's what i am looking for in industrial/cyber metal.


Saw them, last year, and had no idea who they were. They put on an awesome show, them and Cruxshadows at D*Con.


An acquaintance of mine introduced me to this act yesterday. I have to say, I'm really impressed.

Richard Sloan

I love paramore, and flyleaf, and garbage, however your approach is fucking fantastic, please beautiful keep.........

Philip Shade

Sad I missed y'all on Electronic Saviors tour. This video and track really rock.


This is the SICKEST shit i have ever herd in a very LONG time!! I:Scintilla is my new favorite band!!

Volkh Kayno

brittany you look so cool, pretty and evil ;) love the way you dance

Manuel Schlee

love brittany ever, what for a voice!!!

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