Idiot Flesh Lyrics

hush now
seal your lips
no more quivering fingertips
spent spirit
racing tension…
give me your soft attention

we take a slow pace
within this space
waters are calm
ripe for reflection
don't quench the quiet with worry
self pity will tow you under-
stand what we have is an ebb and flow
treasure what comes
be rich when it goes
pain has it's uses
past the moan
when you recognize the shoulder you cry on
is your own

i know at times
it gets too lonely
cuts so big
the night starts to squeeze
no fair, no fair
my words don't mean shit
in your despair

slow your blood
it's too far ahead
to appreciate the pain
of an ego unfed

no need to wait for the sun on time

light the candles
animate shadows
echoing blues
in the bowels of their flames
flirting with darkness
dancing with ghosts
romancing memories
in mental frames

here's your treasure
locked in yesterday
here's your treasure
locked in time
here's you treasure
locked in yesterday
you'll be a richer man
when you give it away

when every thought is all at once
heartbeat falls behind the mind
too vast, too loud
to listen to the cogs
when they start to grind

sometimes we all forget how to breathe
sometimes we all forget how to breathe
sometimes we actually have to ask ourselves
how are we feeling?

take a deep

I believe at times
that life is a megaphone
that's pointed up towards the sky
it shouts "I don't know why"
when times are evil
"you don't have to"
comes the reply
but you'll forgive then
don't forget then
count to ten
and get on with the next then...

Contributed by Cooper G. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


This track is a masterwork. This track and "Something" from the same album are insane.

The Cosmonaut

I bought this album recently. Only physical copy I’ve seen to come online in years. It is truly something to behold, a masterfully composed album

Maxx .Higgins

@breachborn No problem, man. It was a travesty that this wasn't on youtube, the whole album is some of music at its finest.

Carey Wilson

Great stuff! Rock-against-rock at its finest. Greetings & cheers from Chico, CA.



Kyle Chronister

What an amazing song.

Vileness Fats

These guys, The Residents, Mr. Bungle, and Primus should be the Big Four of weird-but-fantastic music


Vileness Fats No love for Dean and Gene? As much as they flip flopped between more commercially accessible stuff and their experimental work, and as juvenile as they were, I would definitely consider Ween amongst the big boys (especially in the 90's)

Vileness Fats

I agree 100%; but you should check out "Weasels Ripped My Flesh" if you haven't already. And maybe "Freak Out", too.

Maxx .Higgins

Zappa is one of the few musicians in the "rock" medium that I'd classify as a musical genius. Wonderfully talented with a great sense of humor. I really need to listen to more of his orchestral music, as I'm not too familiar with much of it aside from Lumpy Gravy. Though I must say that I'm not a fan of his soloing. I dunno why. Like, my first Zappa cd was a greatest hits one with a single version of Montana that omitted the guitar solo. And I honestly think that I prefer that over the full version. Beefheart is great, but I'm not as big a fan of him as I am Zappa. When I was huge into Blues I listened to Safe as Milk a lot, Ry Cooder's guitar work on that is great. And I love his Howlin Wolf esque vocal style (can't help but think that the two of them were huge inspirations on Tom Waits). I had a hard time with Trout Mask Replica at first, but I grew to love it. Though it's a shame that he was a sociopathic asshole to his band members.

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