Indios Bravos Lyrics

96 degrees
In the shade
Real hot in the shade

Said it was 96 degrees in the shade
Ten thousand soldiers on parade
Taking i and i to meet a big fat boy
Sent from overseas
The queen employ
Excellency before you i come
With my representation
You know where i'm coming from

You caught me on the loose
Fighting to be free
Now you show me a noose
On the cotton tree
Entertainment for you
Martyrddom for me

96 degrees in the shade
Real hot in the shade

Some may suffer and some may burn
But i know that one day my people will learn
As sure as the sun shines, way up in the sky
Today i stand here a victim the truth is i'll never die

96 degrees in the shade
Real hot in the shade

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Comments from YouTube:

lemoniada ewa

zupełnie inny wykon od oryginału, wiadomo, ale wyszło zarąbiście,szacun:)

Wiesia G.


sto noga

10 na 10

Jan Kowalski

Od razu przypomina mi się gierka Scarface :P




Wojtyra poleca jołjoł


ni chuja nie rozumiem


@Devil 1987
dobre :D

Devil 1987

MrKufcio a teraz już rozumiesz :)