I got it bad
John Coltrane Lyrics

Though folks with good intentions
Tell me to save my tears
Well I'm so mad about him
I can't live without him

Never treats me sweet and gentle
The way he should
I've got it bad
And that ain't good
My poor heart is so sentimental
Not made of wood
I've got it so bad
And that ain't good

But when the fish are jumpin'
And Friday rolls around
My man an' I, we gin some
We pray some, and sin some

He don't love me like I love him
The way he should
I've got it bad
And that ain't good
Yes I've got it bad
And that ain't good


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Jonathan Hanser

@Friska_ yeah his 2nd take was much better(tommy).was much better...bit as said earlier Trane flubbed something...

This reminds me of auditioning for Zappa

He loved first letting u read one of his well known tunes that he figured you knew...

Them in a sarcastic Zappaesque tone he he d say
"HOW bout This one"
And put some new tune w like Varese changing time signatures w dotted 64 the tests and complexities.
That noone could read.

Not fair of Trane to assume soloists could grasp in 2min what he d been practicing around the clock for weeks a new type of Jazz harmony at an up tempo.
I would have liked to have heard trane be told 2 minutes before a take okay for your solos you can only improvise in a 12-tone row then we'd see how the great Trane scuffle.

I guess he didn't really care how another soloist would sound on that piece on his record

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dimitri jordania

@Colin D yea but theyre way wrong giant steps isnt close to 'the most feared song in jazz' and not even craziest of Coltrane..4 example listen to countdown..then listen to 26-2, then listen 2 his son Ravi Coltrane's version of 26-2 that he does in 9 (2+2+2+3 subdivisions) vox still doesnt know what theyre talking about..

Sakura Moore

It will be something that will help digital composers to make music, and it will be very practical tool, but it will never be like having a live musician.

Colin D

It's my new favourite thing of all time. I've probably watched every earworm and Jared the film buff autopsy analysis man videos 5 each minimum just to write notes for myself

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Adam Neely

Thanks for having me!


Good to see they included the beast. It would've been a crime to exclude Neeley

Miyo Lo

Hello cutie



Matthew Chunk 3

you did good on this one!



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