Love Thy Neighbour
John Coltrane Lyrics

"Love thy neighbor and you will find your labor
A great deal easier life will be breezier
If you love thy neighbor"


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Comments from YouTube:


Love this.  Another of Trane's great Prestige renditions of obscure standards, like "You Say You Care", "If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You", "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?", "Rise And Shine" and others.  I've never heard any other jazz artist do this tune.  It's really a sweet tune played slower w the lyrics and I like it that way also, but I like this up tempo version and the way Trane blazes his solo here.  Definitely an underrated tune.  Thanx for posting!

Wynell Montgomery

Wow - never heard this before - great stuff -

Michael Harris

@Wynell Montgomery good seeing you.

Michael Harris

Love that cousin!

The Narcomancer

An incredibly underrated tune, it's impossible to have a bad day while this song is playing.

Jeff Bunn

Yes!!! Thank you!!!

William Bingham

So profound I'm ashamed to say it out loud.

Carolyn Boyd

Brother Trane.

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