The Problem
KMFDM Lyrics

There was a hearing.
The rules were broken by one, followed by another.
The evidence was presented, an overwhelming list of infractions.
An overwhelming re-presentation
Of his maladjustment to the system
The hearing was about him, about his attitude, about his behavior.
He is, he represents (No)
He implies the problem
If he is expelled, the problem will go away
Responsibility, relationship, mutuality, absolution.
A person with a problem, I believe there's no such thing
As a person with a problem.
If there is a problem it's a problem with the system.
The system of home and family, of school and community.
He is not in this alone.
He is not the problem.
A refelction of the system.
A mirror image of ourselves, and our work.
We acknowledge not all kids fit our ancillary desires
And when they don't fit, they become the problem
Expel the problem, make it go away.


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Original Juice

Very Low-Key...might be one of their BEST Songs ever. So fuckin' slick


Thanks for the song kicks ass


Headphones on, living my best life.

Sprankton DGrichey

I believe there's no such thing... as a person with a problem...

Aegis Eurobeat

If there is a problem there's a problem with the system...the system of home and family, of school and community...

Truth Bringer

am proud to be born in the 90's

QJ Sharing

How long have we known that cranking down punishments was the wrong solution?


How long is a piece of string?

Send it Kyle

This song sucks 😁

Keegan Penney

Cuz KMFDM forever sucks 😂

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