Eight By Ten
Ken Dodd Lyrics

(Eight by ten)

My lonely world is only eight by ten

I'm looking at the picture that you gave me
I see the words I love you by your name
But someone else's arms are now around you
And now I'm left with just this picture frame

(Eight by ten)
(Eight by ten)

I'm looking at your picture eight by ten

(Eight by ten)
(Eight by ten)

My lonely world is only eight by ten eight by ten

If I could be the glass that holds your picture
Those lips i love would then be close to me
And so I'll always keep and hold your picture
Until the day that you come back to me

Eight by ten
Eight by ten

A souvenir of things that might have been

Eight by ten
Eight by ten

My lonely world is only eight by ten
My lonely world is only eight by ten

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Comments from YouTube:

Bill Moss

A vastly superior voice to 99.9% of the 60s so-called icons.

John Robertson

old school legend, a star until he passed away


Lovely song from Ken Dodd ,funny guy but what a voice .


Great, one of several songs by American C&W singer Bill Anderson that Ken recorded including Happiness.

stephen Gorman

I love it

John Robertson

We have lost a true legend , great memories, my late Mum loved him..me too

Anthony Wileman

my grandma used to sing this on sunday mornings while cleaning up in th 60's /70's good memories


What a talented man ! Cheers Doddy. Ken. Gibson.


What a wonderful, wonderful person. Should be knighted.

John Robertson

@Stephen Heath he was so tickled, just for a short while...RIP DODDY

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