LeAnn Rimes Lyrics

Oh, so lonesome for you
Why can't you be blue over me

Oh, so lonesome for you
Tears fill my eyes till I can't see

Three o'clock in the morning
Here am I
Sittin' here so lonely
So lonesome I could cry

Oh, so lonesome for you
Why can't you be blue over me

Now that it's over
I realized
Those weak words you whispered were nothin' but lies

Blue oh, so lonesome for you
Why can't you be blue over me
Why can't you be blue over me

Lyrics © CARLIN AMERICA INC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: BILL MACK

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Randall Hips

Well,I thought LeAnne did a great job with this Bill Mack song.
Its a classic for sure.
But to be honest there's never been a more horribly mismanaged out of focus CM singer than LeAnne.
No question she has a great voice.
I don't know who manages her career but had she stuck to this type of singing like Blue,she would have been there with Patsy,Tammy,and Loretta.
Her voice doesn't work in pop music.
Taylor Swifts voice,if one may call it that,doesn't work for country.
I just can't figure out after coming out with Blue what made her think she had the looks,body,sex appeal for the pop she crossed over to.
I dropped her altogether after she crossed over.
What a horrific waste of talent.
If some think Im too harsh or me 5 LeAnne songs that made it big.

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Justin Rosos

Exactly how does a 13 year old sing like that?? I wish I could hit those falsetto notes like that


having a born talent, should've seen christina augulera sing at age 14, she brought whitney houston to shame in pitch, just a shame she put her singing to waste doing gangster musik

Geri Croll

I can hit them notes really good singing to this song I have sang it so many times!!

Sphinx Rising

Guess you never heard of Brenda Lee, sad.

Sheila Massey


Tina Kochan

@JJ S Over grown ? what does that mean ?? Explain please

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ember michelle

I'm here after Leann Rimes won The Masked Singer. I've always been a fan of hers. She is a great singer, and her voice is incredible. I'm happy for her that she won.


At the beginning she sounded like Patsy Cline.


@Diana Cepsyte She was never irrelevant...

Diana Cepsyte

The show made her relevant again

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