Lisa Gerrard Lyrics

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Russ Boyes

If I am in need of a moment of peace, Lisa Gerrard takes me to the place I need to be every time.

Mark Shaw

When I drop my fear, walk through that ditch of dark fog separating us, then I am You, and You me, and we are instantly completely of the same body. Maintaining awareness, this second set of eyes can see. Holding love, this second skin can feel.

tender heart

Many singers touch the hearts of the people who listen to them, but Lisa is the voice of the soul, just beautiful and wonderful. Sorry guys for my bad english

Lisette Riendeau

your english is perfect cause it expresses the words in your soul!

kaouther riahi

The only one and only music that release my pain from my soûl.
The one who takes me to another world where I lose all my senses and I fall in sleep.

Kaew Gigliuto

I am a writer, I have a Lisa G playlist I play when i am writing, so serene, i love this song and the man of steel trailer.

Mya Felicia

OMG, so do I!!!

Fernando Camargo

Algumas pessoas tem o dom de tocar a alma humana!

Multi Vídeos



what you can feel is the suffering and loss of what is taken and this track describes is in such an elegant yet sad way

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