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James Schulz III

Lisa is one of the best vocalist of my generation. Hands down

kostas plafountzis

she is the best,no doubt about it.she will be remembered forever

Will van der Walt

We will be forgotten. She will live.


lisa can touch my heart with unknown words from a unknown distance.

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The Univers

Just Ordinary

When you are followed by still and silent... you will hear me there...guiding you with love and shall know peace and no other on earth will understand because they fear your own love and light...I am you and you are me....on the other side you'll be free.

Amanda Campbell

But this is not exactly a peom but still its wonderful

Amanda Campbell

Beautiful who wrote that I wrote poetry

Mercy Shaver

Beautiful statement, thank you and Peace be with you.

Richard Speer

You know it seems ot me in so many ways Lisa's music is a sort of lament over our lost humanity and the ability to feel. She sings haunting, beautiful melodies which are honest while we all bop away to commercialized junk food for our ears and cardboard souls. Just my take. I must say, I am completely in awe of her as an artist and person. Brendan too, for that matter.

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