Tell It from the Mountain
Lisa Gerrard Lyrics

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Daniel Dante

Lisa Gerrard forever, one of the best voices every. She inspires us in our music. No matter how she grows old even till 80 will always be a fan. This is music that is out of the common. She is an artist who goes to the other side of santity which is madness and there where you shine and reveal your talent.

Robert W.


Enrique Ramirez Garcia

Amazing 😀😀bravo


Exelente cancion.

Joe Hege

Én IMÁDOM LIZA művészetét
Persze a DEAD CAN DANCE ét

Angelo Figueroa

In other video's people ask what language is Lisa singing in. It's called "Glasolalia" or better known as what Charismatic's and other religions call , "Tongues" .A totaly made up language . Also used in the songs of Cirqu du Solie .

Cher B

Thank you for this. I was researching the languages....I am a linguist at heart....I study the art of communication via languages.....awesome new languages...the speaking of tongues language as is done for the movies with diversity of the alien voices....almost a spiritual sound, no?

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