Everybody Needs Somebody
Little Walter Lyrics

Everybody got somebody
You know, I want somebody, too
Everybody got somebody
You know, I want somebody, too

You better be careful, baby
'Cause I've got my eyes on you

Everybody needs somebody
And I need somebody, too
Everybody got somebody
You know, I need somebody, too

I'm gonna make up wit' you baby
If it's the very last thing I do

She's little an she's low
She's built up from the ground
She's got a way to love you
Make my love come tumblin' down

Everybody got somebody
And I found somebody, too
I won't have to worry no mo'
I don't care what they do.

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Comments from YouTube:

Denis Desfontaines

No doubt, Little Walter was an artist above the rest.

Different Thinking

@Hervรฉ Desfontaines he was on the same level as chuck berry and muddy waters


Don't know if I know which parts are being debated, but my untrained ear hears an amp's (awesome) contribution to the sound in several passages. Whatever the case, it's all clearly a product of pure genius.

chris Shepherd

All beyond good. This guy has it all.

Jeff Reese

Walter could play harp with no effects and still be great

Alban Elezi

Great artist!

Dana Bartlett

Whether or not the sound is all Little Walter or it's the equipment - I have no idea. But his unbelievable sense of rhythm, touch, and timing, his use of tone and dynamics,and the inventiveness of his solos and his confidence; that's all Little Walter. Equipment and technology can't give you those things.



caio eduardo

puts esse cara รฉ foda em... chapante o som

Martin Ulstein

Little Walter really knew his harmonica.

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