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Drop You Vivid Colours
by Luminous Orange

Turn the page of my blank world
And find the word
You read my page
No image or no word had been written
But they're burnt on your eyes
In your sigh ah
Drop your colours on my blank pages
I dream of flame red, I dream of forest green
You lose your words, I read your eyes
Runnning blind, find my light
Shining white, vanishing fast
Read the page of my blank world
And find the word you've never shown me
But I heard you please show your colours
(So bright)
Without word, without breath, without blink
I am just waiting for your motion
You keep silence I read your eyes
I wanna feel your sigh
Without move we're just dropping
Each other's mind, vivid colours
You read my page
No image or no words had been written
But their shadow on your eyes in your sight
Drop my colours on your blank page
I dream of snow white, I dream of deep sea blue
You lose your words, you lose your sight
Running blind, find my light, shining white
Vanishing fast
Read the page of my vivid world you'll find my love
We will draw by new colours on our new page
You'll never shown me, but I seen them
Dyed in your colours (so bright)

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